(OREGON FAITH REPORT) — I was one of those people tweeting and Facebooking to celebrate Tebow and the Broncos winning their playoff game Sunday. They say that after that game there was more immediate social network activity about Tebow than any athlete ever; my Facebook post got 600 plus likes, over 200 of those within ten minutes.

When it appeared the Steelers were within field goal range on the easiest field in the NFL to kick field goals, the Broncos sacked them and took them out of range. Then they punted and in the first play of overtime, Tim Tebow threw a perfect pass to Demaryius Thomas, who stiff armed and ran for an 80 yard touchdown (yes, I am aware, as is Tebow, that there are actually other players on the team). It was electrifying, and Tim Tebow was once again the most talked about person in the country. …

Well, my plans were jettisoned in a heartbeat due to that overtime 80 yard pass play from Tebow.

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