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Israel's nukes

I have a “Joan Rivers” question: Can we talk?

I want to talk about Israel’s nuclear weapons. It is very important to know whether Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, as Ron Paul and Jimmy Carter have stated. If Israel does have hundreds of nukes, then she can deter or fight any conceivable enemy. That means we can take a much-needed rest after 10 years of expensive wars.

The point is, we need to know. If we do not know, or refuse to ask, we cannot make an intelligent decision. As far as I know, no politicians other than these two have mentioned Israel’s nuclear weapons.

Israel sent Mordecai Vanunu to prison for 18 years, and continues to hold him in Israel against his wishes, because he disclosed Israel’s nuclear weapons. My question: Does Israeli law prohibit us, including Jimmy Carter and Ron Paul, from discussing Israel’s nuclear forces? When Carter discussed the issue some Israelis suggested he could be prosecuted in Israel. My question for WND and WND readers: Can we talk?

Richard Carpenter