I hate to break the news to the presumptive “masters of the universe” generally hived in Washington, D.C. The Leviathan warfare police state you and your antecedents illicitly crafted by hook or by crook, especially after World War II, is going the way of the dinosaur. You misjudged how strongly rooted in the American DNA is the tenet of individual liberty.

In a phenomenon consciously ignored by the government-media complex (i.e., the co-opted mainstream media and neocon talk-radio parrots), American youth in large numbers have caught the fever of anti-federalism. It’s a contagion riding an inexorable wave that grows wider and deeper whenever Leviathan shows its true fangs. Ron Paul, attracting immense crowds of young people is just the catalyst of an awakening that was bound to find a mouthpiece. Yes, the youth of America have learned that U.S.A. also means “Under Suspicion Always,” and they DON’T like it one bit. Even the haughty “masters of the universe,” conspiring for decades to forge link by link the chains of a Big Brother state, will be powerless to stop an idea whose time has come. After all, autocratic regimes come and go, but the hunger for freedom and liberty never dies.

Bob P.

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