When Pelosi commented that Newt wouldn’t be elected president, maybe, just maybe, Pelosi knows that there won’t be any more elections. After all, Obama and his cronies have just about every thing in place that will allow him to declare martial law and shut down all opposition to his agenda.

Obama had to know that refusing to appear in a Georgia court to prove he is eligible to be on the Georgia ballot would speak volumes that he must have something to hide about his eligibility, but doesn’t care because he knows that he will be declaring martial law before the next election!

Internment camps at the ready and laws allowing Obama to incarcerate citizens without trial or charges are two giant signs that he’s getting ready to declare martial law. Only our sovereign God can stop Obama and his Marxist pals in their tracks. Let us that love God and country pray that in God’s mercy, He will do just that.

Larry Fields

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