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Mitt's a good 'stumper'

Jan. 22 I attended a Romney pre-primary campaign stop at Ormond Beach, Fla. The event was instructive.

Mitt Romney is an excellent “stumper.” What he lacks in debates he more than makes for up in hands-on campaigning. Mitt is spontaneous, something the debates do not bring out. Nixon out debated Jack Kennedy … remember how that election turned out?

I asked campaign workers about his name, Mitt. Being brought up Catholic I am use to names of saints. I never got a satisfactory explanation for Mitt. If that is the “worst” one can say about Mitt, that ain’t so bad. The demographic of the crowd numbering between 500-2,000, depending who’s math you use, was senior for the most part. I guesstimated the crowd at 800. The anti-free-speech demonstrators, all six of them, did their dance and were bounced out.

A Reuters reporter interviewed me. His questions focused on Gingrich’s food stamp-race connection. Newt did not say that but the mainstream media are pushing the race issue. The reporter was born in Ireland & lives in Peru – like many young people today: citizens of the world with no allegiances, just the big me. Free agents in an entitlement-oriented world.

The media presence was disproportionately high for a small impromptu campaign stop. A media made up of “citizens of the world” might be a good thing if they were not oriented to the left. The “schools” make them that way.

We have a long way to go before November 2012. A “dust storm” is coming meant to blind the electorate. Hold on to your hat.

Edmond Day