By Marylou Barry

Mrs. Loretti and Mrs. McClary would die.

No, on second thought, they’d probably decide that dying was for cowards and they’d stick around to protect the kids, because that’s the kind of women they were.

Mrs. Loretti and Mrs. McClary were my Girl Scout troop leaders in an America long gone. The organization stood for something back then, and we all took our Girl Scout Promise seriously: “On my honor, I will try …” And we did try, but the world and the times got away from us. Where is that honor now? Where is that country now? I wish I could find it again.

The Girl Scouts’ sleazy tango with baby-killer Planned Parenthood and its ilk has been going on for years, but its outreach to the gender-confused reached a new low with the admission of 7-year-old Coloradan Bobby Montoya, whose mother forced his acceptance by claiming he was a girl born in the wrong body. Fifty years ago he would have been placed with relatives while she was in the hospital for observation.

“Girl Scouts of the USA is the world’s pre-eminent organization dedicated solely to girls – all girls,” the Girl Scouts’ Facebook page says. Even the group’s own website’s “diversity” page doesn’t hint that diversity includes boys, no matter how wacko their parents, so where does this idea come from? Isn’t that why there is a Boy Scouts?

But this isn’t the Girl Scouts’ policy at all, the Girl Scouts of Colorado told CNN: “If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her [sic] as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her [sic] as a Girl Scout.” Sick.

How ironic it is that girls actually had more rights before women’s lib than they have today. Half a century ago girls couldn’t be aborted, and we had freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom to use the bathroom without having to worrying about prying male ears and eyes, and freedom from having to play along with some poor brainwashed child’s psychotic fantasy. The babysitting and coddling of misguided little brothers, who must not feel left out or their parents will sue, is what Girl Scouting will be from now on.

Bobby Montoya is no teenage envelope-pusher, just an innocent young child caught in a monstrous situation, with no realistic understanding yet of how boys and girls differ let alone of what he wants to be when he grows up. Still his case establishes a precedent and cracks open the door to abuses only George Orwell could have imagined.

So far the Montoya charade has resulted in the disbanding of three Girl Scout troops, a national cookie boycott and a 14-year-old with the courage to post her dissent online being forced off her site by hate mail. If you think that’s destructive, wait until hormonal male adolescents with liberal parents figure out they’re entitled to the overnight camping trip option.

Why is it the base of an organization always has to leave or adjust to what revisionists want? Why can’t the revisionists just go and start their own groups if they don’t like the ones that already exist? Instead, Bible-believing Christians have to leave and form “new” churches because Bible-deniers want to keep the buildings, names and bank accounts, but not the doctrines. Parents have to remove children because schools start teaching perversion and evolution-as-fact. Voters have to vote for third parties because the ones they joined no longer adhere to their own written platforms.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” Orwell said. So, I expect I will be accused of cruelty for stating the obvious, but boys are not girls and never will be. They are, at best, imitation girls, just as vaudeville comedians in blackface were imitation African-Americans and surgeons who forge their medical school transcripts are imitation doctors. Encouraging children in this self-deception is the unkindest cut of all.

Why is it the more sex education schools provide, the less able people are to discern the very basics? Bobby Montoya is not a girl; he is an apparently normal little boy trying to grow up in a sea of abnormal influences. I feel sorry for kids who are manipulated by deranged or self-centered parents, but it’s those parents who bear responsibility for their children’s confusion, not those of us who populate the normal world into which those children are expected to fit.

If Mrs. Loretti and Mrs. McClary are no longer with us, they must be rolling over in their graves right now, and I’ll bet Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Lowe is rolling over with them. Reality has caved in to make-believe, the emperor has no clothes, and the inmates truly have taken over the asylum.

(Good news for cookie fans who don’t want to support this kind of insanity: Your favorite grocery store stocks those very addictive flat chocolate-peppermint discs in its regular cookie section all year long. They may come from different manufacturers but they’re just as delectable, especially if you toss them in the freezer for a few hours first.)

Marylou Barry is a writer, editor and children’s book author. Visit her bookstore at and her editing service at

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