Despite the fact that this Christmas a considerable number of retailers have returned to using the word “Christmas” in their advertisements, the war against Christmas is still raging.

The affects of the continued brazen assaults upon Christmas rituals in the American public square are evident. Years of intimidating legal suits against displays of Christmas across the nation have dampened exuberant open expressions of yuletide cheer in our public schools, government and the American workplace.

The ideology called political correctness, the faceless enemy of all things Christian, has already accomplished its goal to diminish the impact of the practice of Christianity upon the American society. Things we use to take for granted, and expect to see and hear at Christmastime, have already lost their prominence in the public square and our airwaves.

The image of the Nativity has all but disappeared from American television. In the past, there use to be public service announcements by local stations and national TV networks wishing Americans a Merry Christmas with the Nativity scene, particularly on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year, only a few stations, mostly cable, even said “Merry Christmas” on Christmas Day. We were inundated with the Christian-culture-killing “Happy Holidays.”

In the not too distant past, the U.S. Postal Service routinely issued a Nativity stamp and several other Christmas inspired stamps each year. Now political correctness has a stronghold in the U.S. Postal Service. They refuse to issue a Nativity stamp. You can buy a Madonna and child stamp (and that is the only stamp that has the word Christmas on it), but they no longer issue a Nativity stamp with Mary, Joseph, the three Wise Men and Baby Jesus.

Christians cannot continue to play defense and expect to win the war to save the American Christian Christmas experience. New offensive strategies must be implemented in order to reverse the present situation. Christian individuals, churches and ministries should spend less time engaging in fruitless debates with their enemies and spend more time speaking with one another to exchange ideas, set goals and mount effective campaigns. This can be accomplished by organizing strategy conferences and establishing permanent national caucuses and standing local committees that will specialize in a particular aspect of the defense of Christmas.

For example, a critical component of a national Christian Christmas conference would be to map strategies to establish a standing caucus directed at TV, billboard, magazine and Internet advertisers. Some of the objectives of both the national conference caucus and its local committees would be to influence the language, image and the presentation of Christmas in all types of ads. Advertisers and retailers must be delivered a new curriculum that retrains them to respect the Christian Christmas culture and to make them aware that they do not have the authority to alter the meaning of, censor the language of, nor debase the sacred music of Christmas. It would be the priority of this caucus to teach advertisers and retailers how they can sell their products without offending or insulting the Christian majority culture that produces the astronomical pre-Christmas sales that benefit their businesses each Christmas Advent.

Other important caucuses and committees should address other issues:

  • The placement Nativity floats at the end of Thanksgiving/Christmas parades
  • Nativity placement in schools, storefronts, park districts and outside of churches
  • Formation of local committees that will respond to school censorship of Christmas
  • Christmas literature caucus that would design flyers, pamphlets and booklets
  • The development and placement of Christmas markets
  • Christmas media caucus

Until these kinds of organizing take root, we can all act as individual activists. The first step in preparation for Christmas 2012 should be for all Christians to recognize the importance of television and Internet ministries and conservative websites in our defense of Christmas. We should realize their power to visually reach millions of Americans with their images and messages about Christ and Christmas. We can all participate by contacting as many ministries as possible and requesting that for Christmas 2012 they use the Nativity logo on their websites or open and close each TV broadcast with a Nativity logo starting just before Thanksgiving and continuing right through the first week of the new year.

We, the defenders of the faith, must accept the fact that organized assaults upon Christianity and Christmas are not going to simply dissipate; not without consistent, orchestrated, offensive measures executed by the American Christian majority to blunt their adversaries’ efforts. We, the inheritors of the American Christian legacy, have the cultural authority to define, present and protect our Christmas cultural traditions. It is time we exercise that authority without intimidation and without hesitation.

I, Brenda Verner, the Christian Christmas Lady, hope that you, your families and friends had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you all a glorious New Year.

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