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Obama camp fears 'extreme' tea party

By Matt Lacy

(GREELEY GAZETTE) — The Obama campaign appears to have shown us who they are really concerned about running against, a solidly conservative candidate instead of moderate Mitt Romney.

Following the Iowa caucus last night Jim Messina, Obama’s campaign manager sent out an e-mail expressing their fears over the results.

The message titled, “this is not a joke” expressed the campaign’s concerns that Governor Mitt Romney only received around 30 percent of the vote. “Many observers still think Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. If he is, we will be prepared. But it’s curious that no one can really explain how, when or why the 70-plus percent of Republicans saying in polls and in Iowa that Mitt Romney’s not their candidate will suddenly come around.”

“So the path ahead for Romney — or whichever of the Republican candidates is going to emerge from this process — is sadly and starkly very clear: to run even further to the extreme right, and make even more dangerous promises that threaten not only the progress we’ve made but the fundamental fabric of American society.”