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Party time! 3rd party, that is

Greetings, Mr. Farah.

In your book, “None of the Above” (which I read and loved), you pleaded with Americans to vote for neither the Republican nor Democratic candidates because both big-dog parties were taking our nation down the road to ruin. What say ye in 2012? Seems to me that should the GOP hand the citizens of this great nation any of the current hopefuls that are still standing, we are no different – maybe even worse off – than we were in 2008.

I will still utter your words this coming election and will vote for “none of the above.” With the “duopoly” – even tea-party Republicans – voting handedly for the National Defense Authorization Act, it’s more clear than ever that there’s not much different between these two parties. Why, then, aren’t you working to forge a viable, truly conservative third party, which to me is the only long-term solution to this political mess?

Joe Parrillo