Energy policy is emerging as a key issue in the 2012 campaign as gas prices stand twice as high as they did three years ago.

President Obama has taken a great deal of heat for directing billions of taxpayer dollars towards failed clean energy firms and now for rejecting the Keystone pipeline that supporters say would create tens of thousands of good jobs.

Former Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) is running for his old seat again this year and says excuses that there hasn’t been enough time to evaluate the project is “absurd political posturing.”

“This very negative political decision is highly disappointing and a continuation of the counter-productive energy policies that are really punishing working families and small-business owners with unnecessary high fuel and energy costs.”

Allen explains how Obama’s energy policies have handcuffed his state’s efforts to explore offshore and what priorities he would pursue if returned to the Senate.

He also rips likely Democratic opponent Tim Kaine for parroting the White House explanation for the rejection.

“Americans need relief now. There’s an urgency for us to unleash our energy resources.”

Allen also tells us why he does not buy the argument that Obama may approve the project after the election and how important energy policy and energy prices will be in this year’s campaign.

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