Everything is political.

The feds sue states for trying to enforce the concept that for a foreigner to sneak across our border is – dare I say it? – illegal.

States try to require photo ID to vote because there’s so much voter fraud. Under our system, literally anyone can vote, as many times as they want.

You would think elected officials would care about the value and sanctity of the vote in our form of government. But they don’t. They only care about the potential votes by illegals.

Just keep ’em happy!

In California, Los Angeles Democrat Assemblyman Gil Cedillo is one. He’s the author of the Dream Act. Part 1 takes effect in 2012, allowing public colleges and universities to administer private scholarships to illegal-alien students. In 2013, they can award public money for scholarships.

Remember, that’s to illegal aliens.

Cedillo has been beating the drum for years to allow illegals to get California driver’s licenses. He’s pretty close with his proposed A.B.353. It changes police procedures with drunk drivers who do not have their license. The driver can’t be arrested, and the car can’t be impounded.

The rationale is that illegals who don’t have their cars would have no way to get to work!

Of course, the fact that it’s illegal for an illegal alien to work in this country is ignored as is the fact that the person is here illegally!

As Iowa is upon us, and the early primaries not far behind, it’s hard not to look at the political landscape. Heaven knows, the consultants and politicians look and it’s not trees they see; it’s people, of different colors and languages.

The U.S. landscape, is crowded with people. Most are Hispanics, many are illegal aliens who are in this country – as we are insistently, repetitively and boringly told to find a better life.


What is consistently left out of that utopian, pandering scenario is that “finding a better life” has always been the reason immigrants have come to the U.S. They did then; they do now.

It’s not new.

Immigrants come here, learn the language, learn the culture, become citizens and, with few exceptions, make a better life for themselves and their children. Many of the immigrants of the 1900s were just as poor and uneducated as the Mexicans today.

The big difference today is that millions of these “Hispanic immigrants” are here illegally – along with, I might add, millions of “OTMs,” as the Border Patrol affectionately calls them – “Other than Mexicans.”

In other words, there are illegals here from virtually every other country on earth.

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