(CNN) — It was tongue in cheek, blogger Sophia Brugato said, because let’s be honest: Tim Tebow, for all his athletic attributes, isn’t the biggest scorer.

A sports buff who typically writes about basketball and women’s issues, Brugato didn’t expect her quip to be taken so seriously that death threats would follow, that the national media would look up from elections or that ads featuring aborted fetuses would air during the Super Bowl on February 5.

Brugato sparked the firestorm when she asked her fellow supporters of abortion rights to kick some cash to the cause when the Denver Broncos quarterback scored. The long-shot presidential candidate now funding the Super Bowl ads was incensed she would invoke Tebow, an adoptee of the Christian right, in a pro-choice campaign and considered her column a call to murder.

“She was raising money to kill babies, and we’re raising money to save them. Fight fire with fire,” said lifelong Republican and anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, who in January 2011 put his name on the Democratic ticket in several states, which would insure he could air the graphic ads during election season.

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