Regarding David Limbaugh’s excellent column on voting one’s conscience: Immediately when the presidential race began, main media outlets began claiming Romney will definitely win. After hearing others say that Ron Paul isn’t electable or can’t win, it was timely for a piece like Limbaugh’s on conscience and the fluidity of the present race. And I would add, the probable stupidity of trying to guess who is a winner.

Is this a popularity vote, and I only want to be associated for my own ego with the “winner”?

This is not a football game, folks. I know, in part, people want a change from the present Oval Office occupier, and that is why they say that we must have someone to beat Obama. Along that line of thought, however, I have also heard people say, “I like Ron Paul” or “I would vote for Ron Paul, but he won’t win.” I say, “Well, since he’s come so far while being ignored by the media, done well on the debates, knows his subjects inside, outside and in circles, and has so many diverse people coming together in support of the Constitution, if you like him, vote for him. He just might win!”

Santorum, though not as strong on less government intervention as Paul, and not as strong on debate, also has the same “not electable” label.

My response to all of the above and to all voters: Vote your conscience. Support strongly your candidate. Don’t play politician like the ones you are trying to unseat.

I have asked myself – if things went really badly (and it will be difficult turning the train around for any Republican elected) – would I want on my conscience that my vote did not go where my heart is?

Besides, for every vote I cast, the opposition needs two to beat my vote!

This is a vote that God sees. Am I lying if I vote against my conscience? Will He ask me about it someday?

Vote your conscience, and leave the results to God.

Jan Wimberley

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