I will trust your judgment that the Texas confab that chose Rick Santorum was conducted without manipulation. You were there; I was not.

However, I can’t conceive of how anyone could believe that Mr. Santorum is a serious presidential candidate. I have been active in Republican/ conservative/ Christian politics for 40 years, and Rick Santorum has never been on any radar screen in my world. I first learned of him when we were trying to get rid of the Republican Satan, Arlen Specter. Rick Santorum was on the dark side, as you well know.

Joseph, you and I know that Rick Santorum has no national following or infrastructure that could make him a serious contender for the presidency. He is a Pennsylvanian politician with a few good points and a whole lot of bad ones. Conservative activists in the other 49 states do not view him as their champion.

My gut feeling is that the 150 evangelical leaders wanted to select a non-Mitt Romney and a non-Ron Paul candidate and ended up with the Pennsylvania Politician. Don’t they realize they have made themselves irrelevant? The only non-establishment candidate in this race is Ron Paul. And yet, to openly support Ron Paul is to invite all the current reproaches against Ron Paul upon oneself. I know; I’m experiencing those reproaches at this time.

Gordon Blake

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