Most of the “men” in the news media — the same journalists orchestrating the attack on Marines who allegedly urinated on Taliban terrorists they killed in battle — have never even been in a fistfight, let alone a firefight. And yet here they are, piling on the real men who have the guts to go into combat against 15th century radical Islamist throwbacks.

The piling on our Marines has done far more damage to the morale of our fighting men than our soldiers’ actions. And yet we hear Marine Corps Commandant General James Amos calling the act “inconsistent with (our) high standards of conduct,” then whining about our commitment to “upholding the Geneva Conventions, the laws of war and our own core values.”

This in the face of Taliban atrocities — car-bombings, beheadings, the murder of women and children — that flout the Geneva Conventions and yet are routinely ignored by the media and our military higher-ups, who also downplayed the Fort Hood massacre by Maj. Nidal Hasan.

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