You see the nightly news and what’s going on in the world but just cannot get a grasp on what you should do about the chaos.

That changes Jan. 26-28 when the Constitutional Coalition presents the
2012 “The Republic: Risk and Responsibility” Educational Policy Conference.

Donna Hearne, executive director of the coalition, said it is becoming increasingly clear that Americans will be faced with the choice of submission to a nanny state, or a sovereign nation where they must exercise personal moral and civic responsibilities.

In other words, take action.

One of the speakers will be Sally Kern, of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

She has dealt with harassment and death threats because of her opposition to homosexual marriage – a move that is sweeping from state to state across the nation.

In “The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism,” she issues a call for conservatives to stand for their freedom, before they no longer have the right to do so.

Hearne told WND the issue is that many Americans right now know “things aren’t right … but they don’t what to do.”

“The goal of the conference is to present a picture of the choice that America’s going to have to make. The choice of the clenched fist or the invisible hand of the free market.”

She said one of America’s strengths always has been that the thousands of individual decisions that affect its future so far have turned out to be far superior to “one paid bureaucrat making that decision.”

“What is the picture of what America will look like without foundational understandings?” she said. “We’re going to paint that picture very starkly.”

She said family, freedom, faith and rights always have been assumed. But now the nation is losing them.

“Do you weep over the moral degeneracy, the drugs, the unwed mothers, the broken families, the crime, and the accompanying heartaches? Let us weep with you, wipe your tears and help you find the missing joy and gladness – and then, go into battle fully prepared,” she writes in a newsletter to constituents.

Another speaker is John Andrews, former state senator in Colorado who founded the Independence institute. He served as a speechwriter for President Richard Nixon and was an education appointee under President Ronald Reagan.

“We must reassert the timeless political principles of the American founding, together with the moral and spiritual truths of our Judeo-Christian heritage,” he said.

Also on hand will be C.L. Bryant, a charter member of the Red River Tea Party who formerly was a self-professed “Democratic Radical.” He believes the values he once pursued in reality have let the black community into a state of bondage to the U.S. government.

Dr. Ben Carson, the world-renowned surgeon who was the first surgeon in the world to successfully separate Siamese twins conjoined at the back of the head, will be at the conference to argue for protections for the unborn and against evolution.

Other speakers will include Chris DeRsoe, Rod Gragg, Marybeth Hicks, Jenn Labit, Joani Livingston, Paul Marshall, Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore Jr., Star Parker, Phil Roberts, and others.

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