Your article on removing God as “Father” and Jesus as the “Son of God” was very one-sided and slanderous of Wycliffe Bible translators.

At the very least you could have investigated and found out why such a respectable conservative evangelical organization has been doing this. Even if you disagree in the end, you are painting them as heretical demons, much like liberals spread lies about conservatives.

This is a very difficult issue and not at all a case of catering to Muslims for the sake of pacifying them. In their cultural context, the words “Father” and “Son” with regard to God inherently imply there was a sexual relationship that the Father had (probably with Mary) in order to produce the Son. How to accurately translate the Bible without this implication and misrepresentation of what the Bible teaches is far from a trivial question.

The goal is for Muslims to read the translated Scriptures so they can become believers in the one true God, and become born again followers of Jesus. That is the motive. To misrepresent them as you have, even if you have principled reasons for disagreeing with their methods, is not intellectually honest and harmful to the body of Christ.

WND claims to promote Christian views. If you are going to be critical of a major conservative Christian organization, then at least accurately report both sides of the issue and don’t demonize them just because you disagree. This article is as biased and slanderous as any written by liberal journalists that I’ve ever read and makes me question how accurate and reliable your other reporting is.

Daniel Boerger

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