America has always loved a winner because that is what America is all about – winning! But this election seems a little different; our nation is more divided than I have ever seen her. I believe what Americans are looking for this time is someone that can bridge this divide, in other words, “America need a winner” – someone with a winning attitude and not a divider. But who could this be?

South Carolina put its hoped behind Newt Gingrich; New Hampshire put its trust in Mitt Romney; and Iowa was just about split, but Santorum came out on top. Where does that leave us? Your guess is as good as mine.

In the end, the GOP can agree at least on this one thing: The winner must be able to beat Obama. This seems to be where Newt Gingrich comes in. He has proven himself to be a strong debated, and the American people seem to be willing to forgive his mistakes and go on. Mitt Romney has had some problems explaining Bain Investments, and recently he has been hammered about releasing his tax returns. Santorum is being propped up by evangelicals and those looking for “family values,” but no one is sure if he can out debate Obama. Ron Paul – what can one say – “He is a steady player.”

As for now, we are still looking for Superman. Is he out there?

George T. Weir

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