(COURIER MAIL) — Freed lesbian vampire killer Tracey Wigginton will cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a year for the rest of her life, with no boss willing to take the risk of employing her.

On top of the tab for her continual parole supervision and medical problems, Wigginton is believed to be eligible for up to $928 in Centrelink benefits each fortnight.

Wigginton, 46, will likely qualify for a disability support payment of $689 a fortnight, plus mobility and rent allowances as she returns to society after 21 years in prison for a brutal knife slaying. …

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland president David Goodwin said Ms Wigginton’s employment chances were “Buckley’s to none”.

“It’s all about risk and return and no one is going to take the risk for minimum wage,” he said. “It’s a sad situation but the current system doesn’t allow employers to take chances with someone like her.

“God forbid you take someone on and they go vampire on you.”

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