(NYDAILYNEWS) — The way dad Michael Pagan sees it, his son gets a grade — so why shouldn’t the teacher?

“Any employee of the city should be graded in some format. They give grades to our children regarding their performance. I think teachers) should be graded in the same way,” said Pagan, 36, of the lower East Side, whose 5-year-old son is a student at Public School 64.

“Teachers should be compensated for students performing well.”

The feds have threatened to yank $1 billion in education cash unless the state comes up with a plan to evaluate its teachers. It’s currently up to each individual district to make a deal on teacher evaluations.

Mayor Bloomberg rolled out a plan last week to rate teachers as “highly effective,” “effective,” “developing,” or “ineffective” based on kids’ test scores — giving $20,000 raises to the best teachers and axing the worst.

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