(TODAYHEALTH.TODAY.MSNBC.MSN) — High school cheerleader and art student Thera Sanchez took a quick nap one day last October, and when she woke up, the life she had known was gone.

In its place, she was plagued by uncontrollable body movements, tics and verbal outbursts, similar to Tourette’s syndrome. It turned out Sanchez was not alone, as she is one of 12 girls from LeRoy Junior-Senior High School in upstate New York who has been exhibiting symptoms of a mysterious condition that has baffled doctors.

“I’m very angry,’’ Sanchez told TODAY’s Ann Curry during an interview Tuesday. “I’m very frustrated. No one’s giving me answers.’’

Sanchez appeared on TODAY alongside her mother, Melisa Phillips, as well as another one of the girls experiencing the symptoms, Katie Krautwurst, and her mother, Elizabeth Miller.

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