Dear Mr. Farah,

I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you on the list of people who endorsed Rick Santorum for president.

As a Christian conservative who has only begun to truly pay close attention to politics since Obama came on the scene, I cannot understand how Rick Santorum would not be the obvious choice for anyone who considers themselves a Christian. Rick to me is the most sincere and honest candidate out there, and the one who seems most to try to live out his faith. He has publicly thanked God on numerous occasions, has testified to how his faith sustains him and has quoted Scripture many times. The other candidates just don’t seem as real to me, or great men of faith.

If South Carolina is as conservative as they say, then it should have been clear that Rick Santorum is the best choice to lead our country. Yet I was truly saddened by the results in South Carolina. Yes, Rick did better than expected, but still it just doesn’t make sense to me.

I know you’ve received some negative responses on your website about Rick Santorum, so I wanted to be a positive voice amongst the rest.

Steve Rowe

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