An excerpt from “1887,” by A.E. Houseman:

Oh, God will save her, fear you not:

Be you the men you’ve been,

Get you the sons your fathers got,

And God will Save the Queen.

I hate to quote A.E. Houseman and apply it to America, but the parallels between our elections and our wars are becoming ever more apparent.

The “Queen” in our nation is not Barack Obama specifically, but whatever figurehead is put forward by the East Coast elites as a class. They use their financial empire, which includes the Federal Reserve, and their media empire, which is populated with individuals gullible enough to parrot their call to electoral arms every couple of years. This is evident when you realize that the Constitution has become a dirty word among the mainlining media. That’s how stupid these people are.

The nation’s founding document has been bastardized by the elites since the day the ink dried on the parchment. They shifted the balance of state vs. federal power through direct election of senators, which abolished the state legislatures’ appointment of senators, thus weakening the states’ power in the U.S. Senate. Then the elites implemented the Federal Reserve and the income tax (under the guise of “taxing the rich” and paying for a war).

Thus the money and power the founders did so much to prevent flowing to a central government has flowed in increasing waves to the East Coast elites ever since. Washington, D.C., is their trading pit. Politicians are their stock certificates. The lobbyists and lawyers are the court jesters who battle for the scraps that fall from the table. The rest of us are the pawns: Our job is to work hard, play by the rules, pay our taxes to support the elites – and then die when we cost more to maintain than we produce. The latter is the function of Obamacare.

The U.S. Constitution recognized something most voters seem incapable of appreciating today. Not all men (and later women) elected would be good people. Some would be liars, frauds and downright evil people.

In establishing three separate but equal branches of government, and playing them off one another – combined with the powers the states held as a wild card – the Authors hoped to prevent the consolidation of power in a central government. And the central government would be able to maintain itself only by tariffs on goods imported into the country. Raise that tax too high, and the money disappears because people decide they can go without that particular item. Without money, the central government can’t wreak havoc on the nation. (As a byproduct of tariffs, wages in America were held higher than elsewhere.)

Now that the government can loan itself money (via the Federal Reserve), its financial insanity is without limit. The Fed creates money out of thin air, loans it to the U.S. Treasury and collects the interest. Most of us could become rich under such an arrangement – you don’t have to be very bright. Just well connected.

Not that Obama is going to neglect his part. He will make sure that as many illegals and their families as possible see him as their savior – and are able to vote in the election. And like in Chicago, even the dead will rise to vote – probably numerous times. Union and black voter intimidation will not be permitted – unless of course unions and blacks are doing the intimidation.

In the midst of this, most Republican voters will vote for the conservative candidate who promises to use the power of the federal government to fix these ills. Unfortunately, this will only further to increase the byzantine maze of laws and regulations the rest of us must negotiate as we go on about our daily business of living. The lawyers and the courts seem to be the main beneficiaries.

The apparatus remains, suspended beneath the conservative rhetoric, yet ready in Frankenstein-like fashion to be revived by the next elitist “commandeerer in chief” anointed by the elites. “Get you the sons your father’s got …”

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