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The GOP's gravy train

While Iowa Republicans seem split on whether a RINO or a social conservative can best manage the federal government and turn around the economy, they agree on one thing. Big, intrusive government is the wave of the future.

Big, intrusive government is, of course, another name for socialism. The nanny state has reached the tipping point. All we are arguing about now is on whose agenda the money should be spent by an ever-increasing federal bureaucracy.

Is there anyone who actually believes that Romeny is going to repeal Obamacare and build on the HSA/high-deductible health plans that have made employee insurance possible for so many individuals and small businesses? Is that what he did as governor? Not exactly. But he will “repeal it” with waivers. The next president can then “unrepeal” Obamacare by withdrawing the waivers.

Spending? More federal block grants to the states. Which makes them beholding to the feds to implement Potomac policy – unless they want the money spigot turned off.

Apparently, the Republicans in Iowa who voted for him are good with this. They don’t object to the money being spent – they just want it spent on their causes.

Santorum, who also won the Iowa vote, has been plainspoken and honest in his campaign for Iowa. He has indicated what his personal values are – and they are shared by many social conservatives. Plain speaking is a refreshing change in politics.

But here’s a small sample from Santorum’s website that makes me nervous (my comments in parenthesis):