Some of this may appear patriarchal or even sexist, but in a society wherein so-called “experts” still attempt to propagandize us into believing that men and women are essentially the same except for their genitalia, interchangeable as parents and equally capable in all things, I really couldn’t give a rip. The subject seems quite timely, too, in light of certain recent and fairly prominent news pieces.

For example: There was the FBI’s announcement two weeks ago that it would now include male victims in their criminal definition of rape. Part of the government’s rationale for this might seem sound, as it ostensibly will help to addresses cases involving children that have been historically overlooked on technicalities. Only time will tell how this plays out in courts.

I have concerns in reference to treating the sexual assailant of a man in the same manner as that of a 6-year-old. I also have concerns around a society that draws fewer and fewer distinctions between men and women, ones which fly in the face of tradition, psychology and even biology. American men and women have already had their collective psychology screwed up, over and out by the emergent psychosexual paradigm spearheaded by liberals.

Centuries ago, the rape of a woman was viewed as violation of a man’s property, or that of her family. Later, it was viewed as particularly heinous due to the almost worshipful place women held as wives, child-bearers and mothers. Under the sage guidance of communists and lesbian activists, however, many made it clear that they didn’t appreciate that role.

Recently in California, a teen organized a boycott of Girl Scout cookies to protest the inclusion of a 7-year-old transgender child into the organization.

Transgender children? some will respond in horror.

Well, why not? We have witnessed the political left manipulating the minds of children to further their ends for a long time, and without regard for the implications to their well-being. It began in the 1950s with political indoctrination in the schools, coupled with economic sabotage of the family. The most extreme manifestations are beginning to be seen now, when the left perceives itself at the crossroads between wholesale victory and their abysmal defeat by the cultural backlash against their destructive doctrines. Add to this the fact that some of the parents of these unfortunate children are young enough to have been thoroughly indoctrinated themselves.

In the case of the “transgender” kids, we find the confused young minds of children raised with so much sexual ambivalence that they cannot practically relate to gender. The miniscule percentage of children with physiological abnormalities that may require surgical and/or psychological attention will no doubt be used – like the women whose pregnancies “threatened their lives” in the abortion debate preceding Roe v. Wade – to drive the freak agenda.

Sex and sexuality have been a chief focus of the indoctrination employed by the left, but particularly relative to children and young adults. This is in part because the radical left are a perverse, indulgent, hedonistic lot to start with, and because the psychosexual dysfunction they have cultivated was calculated to compromise our character on a fundamental level, both as individuals and in the aggregate as a nation.

Sometimes, I honestly don’t see how American men can espouse liberal doctrine and still hold their heads up. When I hear a guy proudly admit to being a liberal, to me it’s tantamount to his confessing to sexually servicing strange men in the bathrooms of bus stations for pocket change. Indeed, I know many men who do just that – proudly admit to being liberals, not low-rent male prostitutes.

The broad subversion of traditional gender roles has gone hand-in-hand with the left’s gradational demonization of Judeo-Christian institutions, Christianity in particular. While this transpires, we’re encouraged to tolerate and accept more and more depravity. Quite under the radar, our tolerance is, I believe, reaching a breaking point. Some of the ideas favored by hardcore leftists and militant homosexuals vis-à-vis civil law and education, educating young children in particular, might still lead to street violence before too long.

These days, even in the best-case scenarios of social development, there exists a pathos that speaks volumes to how and why we are in this marked state of decline.

I’d wager you’ve seen the following played out – possibly many times, although perhaps not exactly as described:

You’re in a public place, a restaurant perhaps, when a young couple comes in. They look to be average, middle-class, slightly over college-age people. They’re not in an adversarial mode (meaning they didn’t just have a fight) – yet something’s clearly amiss. She walks ahead of him and carries a look of deep, stoic dissatisfaction. His demeanor is more than subservient; it’s that of a laboratory mouse waiting for the giant hand to return, scoop him up and administer another dose of slow death. The couple sit, order and eat almost wordlessly. There is no laughter, joking, nor affection displayed between them.

Later, you see them drive off in a late-model, hybrid crossover SUV bearing an Obama 2008 bumper sticker.

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