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Today's Jeremiah

Yes, Joseph, I read your “Ron Paul is right” column; you are my first stop when I go online each day. I have read WND regularly for more than a decade. In fact, I was one of your fans back in the Sacramento Union days. I talked with you on the Geoff Metcalf show back in 1992 when you editorialized about George H.W. Bush and his announcement of the “new world order.”

You know all about the “new world order,” the globalist agenda, the North American Union, Agenda 21, the fraud of the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rick Warrenization of gullible evangelicals, etc. You also know that the only candidate willing to challenge this “Goliath” is Ron Paul.

Joseph, can’t you see that the Lord has raised up Ron Paul as the Jeremiah of our time to warn us of our impending captivity?

Gordon Blake