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Voting-booth mantra for Republicans: 'Defeat Obama'

In four days, voters in South Carolina will cast their ballots in the Republican presidential primary. But as they make up their minds, voters do not seem to be lining up behind the candidate that best reflects their views but rather the candidate they think can win in November.

”When somebody gets in the booth it ends up being ‘defeat Obama,’ particularly with die-hard Republicans.”

The latest survey from Monmouth University shows Mitt Romney ahead of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum – both among evangelical voters and tea-party members.

“If Gingrich and Santorum were one candidate they’d be winning those demographics outright, but they really are splitting that vote and allowing Romney to win almost every category.”

We discuss it all with Patrick Murray of the Monmouth polling institute.

Murray also explains what impact Ron Paul may have on Saturday and what it will take for someone other than Romney to seize the momentum.