The president of the Frederick Douglass Society and a spokesman for Project 21 says if Martin Luther King were alive today, he would be a conservative.

Stacy Swimp, interviewed today by Greg Corombos of Radio America, said all that’s needed to see that is to read King’s own writings.

“His greatest legacy is his faithfulness to biblical principals,” Swimp said. “He was really very much a 20th century Moses.”

Swimp said King always was an advocate for the people who didn’t have a voice, and one shouldn’t listen today to the “hijacking” of his message by contemporary personalities.

“Read the ‘Real Measure of a Man,’ ‘Letter from Birmingham,’ ‘Testament of Hope.’ You can clearly see that Dr. King was not some socialist communist apologist. He was a man who embraced personal responsibility.”

He said in today’s world, King would be “marching against such things as the draconian EPA laws killing jobs across our country, marching against union subsidies.”

Click here to listen to the interview.

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