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ELLEN RATNER: We're in for a wild ride!

Two weeks ago, I wrote a column with some of my early New Year’s predictions. This week, my big prediction is that WND’s new website will be very successful! I am honored to be
writing for it.

This week, I asked our staff at Talk Radio News Service to give me their predictions for the New Year. Out staff members have a wide variety of backgrounds and range from liberal to conservative. So, here are their predictions for the New Year!

Justin Duckham, our youngest staff member and our Pentagon correspondent, says:

Richard Miller, who is both our military correspondent and a military historian, has the following predictions for 2012:

Victoria Jones, our White House correspondent, says the following abut 2012:

From our U.N. correspondent, Sam Trudeau:

Do you have any predictions? We’d love to hear about them! Please write me, and we’ll post the most unusual and creative!

Have a happy, healthy and successful New Year!