The long knives are out again.

No, they’re not in the hands of barbaric tribal leaders attacking innocent civilians.

These are the politically correct long knives of the media, fanning the flames against the U.S. military with the easy compliance of Obama administration officials and fueled by the viral spread on the Internet of a video clip of apparently, American Marines in Afghanistan relieving themselves on the bodies of three Taliban.

The men were bloodied, and they were dead, the victims of war. The Marines were clearly not upset about that.

Can you blame them? On a daily basis, their lives are threatened by the barbaric tactics of the Taliban, who fight by their own rules of brutality and terror but demand we fight a civilized war. Our troops see their comrades blown to bits before their eyes.

And, of course, we agree to that and subject our own military to ridiculous “rules of war” that make them easy targets.

On a daily basis, our troops, and indeed all NATO troops, must make their way through the countryside, trying to avoid the IEDs that are, in reality, lethal booby traps, meant to maim and kill.

And they do. We have more casualties suffering brain trauma and amputations from this and similar wars over the last years than at any time in all our history.

Critics of military ignore that troops aren’t trained to build roads and schools or to make friends with the enemy. They’re trained to be warriors with the courage of a warrior, to fight for a cause and to use their skills and weapons to the best of their ability to defeat the enemy.

Yes, I said it: defeat the enemy.

Obama doesn’t even identify the enemy.

It’s been said before: War is hell. And it is. It affects both sides, but it does so unfairly when the rules are flexible.

Yes, those men urinated on those bodies, and it didn’t seem to faze them. We don’t know what horrors they may have seen that day. They are humans dealing with ruthless enemies.

Keep in mind: Our troops are instructed how to urinate under “normal” conditions, to be certain it is not in the direction of Mecca.

We wouldn’t want to insult the enemy.

Really? Why not?

They have no compunction about insulting us. They’re deceitful and resort to trickery. They target civilians and blame us for incitement. They use cowardly suicide bombers to kill our military and their own people. While we must show reverence for the Quran and mosques, they think nothing of destroying all signs and symbols of Christianity and Judaism, including the destruction of churches with worshipers inside.

Initially, no one knew who the Marines were, where they were, who took the video or who posted it to the Internet.

Investigations are rumbling through the military; both the Navy and the Marines are on the job.

Find out who, why, where, what and who was their superior officer and did he fall down on the job?

Sounds to me as though more than the four Marines will be the scapegoats in this situation.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she was “totally dismayed” and that “the vast majority of American military” wouldn’t do such things.

Before calling Afghan President Hamid Karzai to apologize and promise a full investigation, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called it “utterly deplorable.”

What did Karzai say? That what the men did was “completely inhumane and condemnable …”

The Taliban – the enemy, remember – chimed in, calling it “barbaric.” Spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi was quoted as saying “It was inhuman and despicable, an unforgivable act.”

This is the same enemy that daily blows up local politicians and civilians. It’s the same enemy that captures American military and civilian aid workers, cutting off body parts, brutally killing them and putting their bodies on display.

It’s OK with them because we are the infidel. On the other hand, they’re the chosen ones, and untouchable.

While this witch hunt continues, with the establishment keen on destroying the careers of these men and their commanding officer, remember some things: Remember the bodies of Western contractors murdered and hanged from a bridge for the world to see, the bodies of our military dragged through the streets of Mogadishu. Remember all those videos of beheadings including that of Daniel Pearl of the Wall Street Journal.

These vicious, barbaric SOBs released that video and others, complete with sound, to brag.

They haven’t changed, but we’re in an appeasement mode. The administration wants “peace talks” with the Taliban and to get it all “settled” before our announced full troop withdrawal.

The Taliban has opened an “office” in Qatar. Part of the deal for peace is for us to release some Guantanamo prisoners.

I can’t figure out their part of the deal because their spokesman said this week they’re still opposed to the Karzai government and only want a peace agreement to ease the current situation.

But – and it’s a big but – the agreement “does not mean an end to jihad.

Oh. A peace agreement but the war of jihad continues.

I can’t wait to see how Obama spins that one before the election, and I won’t hold my breath for him to defend our military.

When did our leaders become so spineless, and why do we elect them?

God help our troops.

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