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Why don't Jews thank God like Tebow?

(HIGHLANDPARK.PATCH) — I learned how to “Tebow” long before I learned who Tim Tebow was.

This is partially because I’m clueless when it comes to professional sports, but mostly because, at this point, the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback is as famous for his Christian faith as he is for his football skills.

Don’t get me wrong — Tebow’s game is fascinating on its own. A big portion of the Tim Tebow myth comes from the exciting, often bizarre way the quarterback manages to stage comebacks and lead his team to last-minute wins, as he did last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Many Bears fans are still smarting from a similarly dramatic overtime loss to the Broncos earlier this season.

But what increasingly makes Tebow such a phenomenon is his intense, outspoken Christianity, specifically his habit of thanking Jesus constantly. He points up to the sky when he or his team make a great play, thanks Jesus Christ in post-game interviews and kneels to pray — or “Tebows” — so often during games that actors, athletes, even other NFL players have begun imitating him. Saturday Night Live recently lampooned Tebow in a skit that featured Jesus visiting the Bronco locker room.