Once I was a devoted listener to so-called “conservative” talk radio. I would listen to the “Big Four”: Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham – and occasionally to upstart Dana Loesch on the Web.

No more.

They are now each, in a surprisingly similar way, a turn off, stuck like glue in their own repetitive war rhetoric. Furthermore, their voices do not represent solid conservative and constitutional principles. They do not demand the repeal of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act or call for the renunciation of the insane doctrine of pre-emptive war. They are figuratively willing to swallow these slow-acting poisons to our Constitution, individual liberty and a free and prosperous America.

We need fresh voices on broadcast radio who, unlike the Big Four, denounce catastrophic neocon policies and articulate the yearning of tens of millions of Americans for the nation to come home, that is, return to its core principles of 1) minding its own business, 2) limited government, 3) individual and state sovereignty and 4) war only after formal congressional declaration of war.

Years of arrogant, meddlesome and boomeranging U.S. policies – foreign, economic and military – have spawned millions of enraged enemies globally and helped hand us a world that is a tinderbox awaiting a spark. The policies and their derivative undeclared wars, invasions, bombings, assassinations, drones and occupations are the products of unrestrained madness if not authentic evil.

The sense of dread is abroad in America. The troubled discontent of most Americans is palpable. For 60 years, America has been launching wars of various types on nation after nation, on people after people. America is turning fascistic and authoritarian, and government, having delinked itself from the consent of the governed, is devouring its own. These are predictable sequiturs, although radio’s “Big Four,” frozen in mind and commercially conditioned, have failed colossally to dissect the relationships. Only topical discourse that accepts false neocon premises and merely skims the surface of reality, along with the inane “Thank you for taking my call,” seem to satisfy them and their sponsors.

Millions of Americans believe that the United States has gone terribly astray over the last 60 years and needs a severe, even radical, course correction in the direction of a return to the good and the free. For our own self-interest, we must strive in our national policies and daily lives to become a good and a free country, or all is lost. This was, in its essence, the mantra of the founders and the dire message of the assassinated Martin Luther King.

William Green

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