(JEWISH JOURNAL) — Like so many Americans, I’ve been caught up in Lin-sanity. The numbers being put up by Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin are jaw-dropping.

And don’t call him Tim Tebow 2.0. He’s no gimmick; he’s a true point guard who absolutely savaged the Lakers on Friday night. The only real comparisons between Tebow and Lin are the time they’ve been eating up on Sportscenter and their openness about their Christian beliefs.

It’s been impossible to avoid race in the whole Jeremy Lin story. Announcers and commentators love to mention that he has a great basketball IQ—after all, he went to Harvard. But part of the subtext is: We didn’t know Asian Americans played sports. (Like Timothy Dalrymple in talking about Asian American stereotypes, I was pretty embarassed for the Knicks’ announcers in the above video.) Even when the stereotypes are absent

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