The headlines from Afghanistan are astounding!

Christians rioting in the streets!

Destruction everywhere!

People injured and the death toll increases.

The U.S. Embassy was stormed by emotion-crazed zealots, including priests and nuns and ministers.

It’s all because American military brass ordered U.S. troops to throw away any unsolicited shipment of Bibles that were sent to Bagram Air Base by a U.S. church, which had the Bibles translated into two local languages.

Since troops are required the burn their trash, the Bibles were ultimately burned.

The military said they didn’t want the Afghans to think the U.S. was trying to convert them.

The burning is what sent the Christians into a rage.

Appalled by what happened, the president – Barack Obama – didn’t miss a beat and sent personal letters of apology to the pope, the archbishop of Canterbury, the U.S. Conference of Bishops and the heads of the various Protestant denominations.

The Pentagon did the same, offering words of apology to all Christians, saying the destruction of the Christian Holy Book was not meant as an insult to Christians or even to God Himself. They said it was only done to protect American troops from being attacked for trying to convert Muslims.

There’s no estimate as to when the violence will end. Christian leaders are demanding that the troops who trashed and burned the Bibles be arrested, tried and punished.

No word on what punishment they demand. No one has ruled out crucifixion.

I’m holding my breath to see the headlines tomorrow.


Oh. Wait a minute. I got that wrong!

It wasn’t Bibles that were burned a couple of weeks ago. They were Qurans.

It’s not rioting Christians. It’s Afghans, both civilian and military, as well as the Taliban.

But please note, in case you’ve forgotten: The Bible burning did happen in 2009 for the reasons explained above.

But, there was no rioting, no destruction, no killing of Afghans or allied military, no Christian religious raging and no apologies by the president or the military to Christians for an “insult” to their religion and no apology to the church that sent the Bibles with all innocent intent.

Apparently, it’s OK to destroy the Christian Holy Book. Christianity must be a religion of peace, because Christians don’t riot if their Holy Book is deliberately destroyed.

But it’s different with a Quran.

Now, the aggrieved are Muslims, and everyone knows how sensitive they are.

Now there is destruction, spreading mob violence and more innocent people killed.

The Qurans that were destroyed last week were printed in the native languages and were part of the library for detainees at the air base.

According to an anonymous report made to Associated Press by a military official, many of the books “contained extremist messages and inscriptions.” It was feared such communication among detainees would arouse violence, so it was decided to dispose of the materials.

They were thrown away and later burned because troops are required to burn all trash.

When it was realized “what” was being burned, the procedure stopped.

Too late! As soon as word got out, riots began. Mobs shout, “Die, Die, foreigners.” American flags are desecrated, buildings burned, people attacked and the street death toll is over 12.

Americans, particularly the military, are targets. Last week two American troops were shot and killed by a man wearing an Afghan army uniform and, on Saturday, two senior U.S. officers, a colonel and a major, were shot and killed inside the Afghan Interior Ministry, a supposedly secure facility. The shooter, who would have had top security clearance, reportedly was wearing an Afghan police uniform.

The victims were shot in the back of the head. It was no accident.

The Taliban crows that it is responsible for the murders.

The U.S. Embassy is on lock-down because of attacks against it; in fact, all U.S. and NATO facilities in Afghanistan are targeted. NATO has pulled all personnel from Afghan ministries because of the deadly security breach.

Mob violence is spreading across Afghanistan with a U.N. compound attacked and set ablaze.

In Libya, angry mobs tore apart the gravestones and memorials of British and Allied World War II veterans in the Benghazi War Cemetery.

Judging by the latest news reports, things aren’t quieting down.

The immediate, abject apology call and letter from Barack Obama to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the apology by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and that of senior Pentagon official Peter Lavoy, seemingly fell on deaf ears. Lavoy even went directly to a major Mosque Virginia to deliver his multiple apologies during a short speech to members.

Not to put too fine a point on that – a fat lot of good all that did!

Karzai’s office is demanding the perpetrators of the burning be identified and put on trial. Students say if there’s any later “pact” with the United States, they’ll declare a formal jihad.

And in the streets, mobs are shouting for the foreigners – NATO and us – to be taken prisoner, beaten and killed.

They don’t even want a trial. What a surprise.

Tell me again why Obama refuses to admit our enemy is militant Islam and why he caters to their sensitivities.

Tell me again why even one more of our military should be maimed or killed by these fanatics.

Tell me again why we should be in Afghanistan for even a moment longer.

No, don’t tell me. Just get us out. Now.

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