As we know, it is liberals’ proclivity for projection that compels black liberals to deride conservatives of color as sellouts, Uncle Toms and things of this nature, when it is they who are acceding to the dominion of progressive overlords and advancing that cause. Among the progressive overlords are factions that not only are conspiring to compromise black Americans socially, culturally and economically, but which would have kept blacks in the back of the bus and drinking from their own water fountains had they been able to maintain the status quo in segregated America.

Yet, black liberals – prominent ones, more especially – continue to advance the socialist doctrine of their overseers, with relish and most vociferously, to be sure. Some have taken it to a high art, while others rail as inarticulately as severe brain injury patients, astonishing us with the fact that they have not only gained employment doing so, but made lucrative careers out of deceiving their fellow Americans of high melanin content.

I discussed many of the methods and machinations of liberal politicians and career activists pertaining to race politics in my book, Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession,” but as more and more sulfurous fissures have erupted across the political landscape (primarily due to the policies of the Obama administration), the issue of prominent black liberals and their duplicity becomes increasingly significant.

As commentator Glenn Beck has pointed out, there are scores of noteworthy black achievers throughout American history, ranging from the Revolutionary War period up through the pre-Civil Rights Movement days, but black kids aren’t taught about them. Why? Because it is more important for them to learn that blacks weren’t able to accomplish anything in America until the left began fighting the good fight on their behalf than it would be to expose them to that which would instill pride in their forebears and, by extension, them. The prospect of hope and change to which that might give rise is far too frightening to the left to allow.

We know that politicians are essentially whores; more than even money or power, they thrive on their ability to artfully play the game. As such, they will stoop to anything, even if it humiliates them, their constituency, or some other individual or group. That being the case, it is always only a matter of time before they sell out to someone, some thing, or some destructive agenda.

But what’s the prominent black activist’s excuse?

It isn’t conservative white Republicans who have institutionally undereducated generations of black kids; those responsible aren’t even exclusively white. It’s been liberals, segregationist Democrats at first, and then socialists as these infiltrated that party. As civil-rights activism became a cottage industry, and more and more blacks were offered political opportunities to shill for the liberal power structure, their trusting compatriots of color had no reason not to buy into the lies.

Those lies became increasingly infused with Marxist dogma as the radical left’s power base coalesced: Those who’d been dedicated to holding blacks in thralldom were not only white, but conservative, Christian and, of course, dedicatedly capitalist. Having heard many a young, angry black nationalist spout off when I was a child, I know the rhetoric well, but young black people don’t know that it’s an old, communist con any more than white kids do. As I’ve said time and again: What progressives have done with regard to the black community in America is probably the single most successful thing they have accomplished. In part, this is due to so many blacks having been willing to carry their water, whether due to ignorance or ideology.

The high-profile black liberal, however, can’t really fall back on ignorance. One would have to be monumentally dull to continue to fall for the lies and manifest inferiority of liberal doctrine in perpetuity after being on the inside for years. In their hearts, men like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and even Barack Obama know that they’ve no more interest in the welfare of black Americans than “Great Society” President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who is reported to have said, “I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

So, I would ask of high-profile black liberals: Are you really in favor of the universal suffering that socialism promises to bring upon us all regardless of race, or are you just as innately unintelligent as your liberal overseers believe you to be?

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