As the 2012 political year unfolds, Americans are looking for ways to express themselves.

Only the WND Superstore brings you unique, original, removable, transferable, permanent bumper stickers that last for years!

Pithy, powerful and patriotic, they can reach a lot of people.

Campaign managers will tell you that one bumper sticker on your vehicle is worth about $400 in advertising to a political candidate. Why? Because so many of us spend so much time driving.

Just think: Everyone around you in traffic is a captive audience, and your message could be the difference-maker for someone who has not yet made up their mind on an issue.

And there are some new entries into the mix of more than 75 bumper stickers in the WND Superstore offerings, including:

4 More Years? God Forbid!

This one is short and sweet: NOPE! But you’ve got to see it to get it.

This one tells you what’s coming if Obama is re-elected: OBAMAGEDDON.

And here’s one that will evoke howls of laughter from the guy behind you: “Give Me 4 More Years to Find My Birth Certificate!”

Hot off the presses – in both adhesive and magnetized versions – is this winner: “OCCUPY THIS!”

In addition, here’s a new one you haven’t seen before: “YES WE’LL CAN YOU!”

There’s so much to choose from the growing list. Be sure to browse through all the choices – several pages worth. For a limited time, everyone who purchases any bumper sticker, or any other shippable product in the store, gets a free adhesive sticker sporting WND’s new logo.

Among the hottest sellers are these:







The magnetized versions of the bumper stickers allow you to switch the messages from vehicle to vehicle, or change them around to fit your political or spiritual mood for the day. You can take them off your car and put them on your file cabinet or refrigerator. You can even go seasonal.

You may also want to invest in the remaining inventory of the old bumper sticker because they will not be reproduced. That makes them collector’s items – and only a few hundred remain unspoken for.

Bumper stickers from the 2008 campaign are already collector’s items. In 20 years, they could be invaluable.

Don’t you ever just want to shout to the whole world what you’re thinking about the direction of your country right now?

That’s the idea behind the WND Superstore’s unparalleled bumper sticker section – where you can get traditional sticky messages or the more innovative magnetic variety that are transferable between vehicles, easily removable and last virtually forever.

Go ahead – it’s time to say what’s really on your mind.

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