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But who can get the job done?

To Molotov Mitchell, regarding his video commentary, “Pro-family crowd: Are you serious?”

So, if I understand your message correctly, today’s evangelicals (with whom you seem to be identifying yourself with in this and other presentations) should prefer family values over political alignment? If moral value is the only deciding factor, the only worthy candidate is Santorum. We ought, however, to be voting for who can get the job done. Consider King David and his son Solomon, both lacking in moral example, yet most capable during a time of great peace and prosperity.

How do you explain that away? Perhaps it is what is in the heart, not the crotch, that matters. Or, maybe it is by the witness of personal accomplishment in public, not private, service that best identifies the person. If the latter is the deciding factor, then neither Romney nor Paul stand a chance. Only Gingrich has a record. Santorum simply does not have either a record or Romney’s money and political-machine savvy to accomplish what needs to be done. Besides, he’s too nice a guy to get the dirty job done that has to be done.

D. Lacey