What is the real issue behind President Obama’s decree that insurance companies should provide contraceptive coverage for free? (Free meaning that all of us, whether we use contraceptives or not, pay for them!)

The issue against the idea is simply this: We are a free people governed by a set of laws embodied in our Constitution that limits government’s ability to tell us what to do in our personal lives.

That means that no well-intended person in a government agency can dictate any overall policy that the government isn’t authorized to do. Contraceptive purchases – and for that matter, health insurance – isn’t part of the government’s mandate or authority.

Freedom doesn’t mean that you have a the right to pay for something or not until the government wills that you do. It means we are free to make our own decisions about what products or services we will avail ourselves of. Contraception isn’t national defense, the criminal justice system, protecting our borders or any other function we as individuals can’t do for ourselves.

The federal and state governments have for a long time now been overstepping their authority, and it may be now or never when we tell them “enough is enough.”

Buy your own damn condoms, pills, IUDs, morning-afters or whatever else you want to use – or keep an aspirin between your knees!

Men, start acting like adults and not wild stallions!

Ron Hansen

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