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Christian paper to counter atheists

(THE AGE) — The front-page headline screams in capital letters something most newspapers tuck away discreetly, if they admit it at all: “I WAS WRONG!” But it is not the Regal Standard admitting error, but “the world’s most notorious atheist”, philosopher Antony Flew.

One of the 20th century’s most influential atheists, Flew changed his mind about the existence of God, largely because of the complexity of DNA. So he is ideal front-page material for a Christian single-handedly taking on the Global Atheist Convention, to be held in Melbourne in April.

That Christian, semi-retired pastor Dennis Prince, says he “has a tiger by the tail” by creating the Regal Standard, designed to counter atheist arguments. He already has orders for 25,000 copies of the 12-page tabloid, which will be distributed to churches, dropped in letter boxes, given to the curious, and sent to convention speakers.