Mr. Farah, regarding your column “It’s not a winning issue,” I say, is too! (That argument makes me feel like kid again.)

Andrew Breitbart should be asked: “Why would a man, sworn in as president, though he is constitutionally ineligible, feel he is bound by that same Constitution?” Answer: He doesn’t. The responsibility for Obamacare, Sotomayor, Kagan, mishandling of the Arab Spring, Libya, recess appointments and so on lies at the feet of those who lack the courage to join “Birthers” in a righteous fight: Innocent until proven guilty, but ineligible until proven eligible.

Cowards like Breitbart have created a monster, not with their vote, but their silence on a critical, winning issue. Our founders risked “their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor.” Their progeny and benefactors are now pathetically paralyzed by the fear of being called “racist”.

Jeff Tokarsky

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