1. Subject of a tribute song by They Might Be Giants: 3 wds.
8. Like “Unplanned”, Abby Johnson’s autobiographical exodus from legalized killing of preborns
9. Obama’s “Si se puede” slogan, especially after ballot greenlighting by Georgia judge Michael Malihi?
10. Under the gun, as anti-lifers inventing charges against law-abiding sidewalk counselors
12. Built with columns borrowed from Greece, as criticized by Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”
13. Type of time visible on WND’s new homepage
15. Sainted name of the city where actor Roberts Blossom of “Home Alone” passed on
17. Philosophy of warfare-state America-Firsters, as expressed by euphemistic oath
18. Newsmag that Vox Day sees as heralding new German anschluss over Greece’s bankbooks
20. Unwelcome intruder in one’s wit or one’s pickiness?
21. What the Democratic and Republican Parties accuse each other of being (thus betraying their kinship)?: 2 wds.
23. Mexican nickname for French Crusader monarch who was really “from Missouri”: 3 wds.
1. Thomas Jefferson’s appointed man for the job of spying on Muslim pirates in Algiers: 3 wds.
2. Famed Russian crashlanding of March 23, 2001, wholly insured
3. Half-black, half-white short-haired White House resident (no, before Obama)
4. Delegation led by Mitt, with Ron and Newt in a statistical tie
5. Employer of left-wing talk host Lynn Samuels when she died suddenly Christmas Eve 2011: 3 wds., abbr.
6. Extant and real in the historical annals
7. Gent who gave Pennsylvania to William Penn to settle a back debt: 3 wds.
11. British astronomer who was once suspected of understanding Einsteinian relativity
14. Practitioner of peaceful civil disobedience from Concord, Massachusetts
16. Catches in the corner of one’s eye, classically
19. Like the baby desired by the prostitute in Solomon’s court?: 2 wds.
22. Anticipated event for Facebook that could create a thousand millionaires: abbr.

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Obama plans to make his 'fundamental transformation' irreversible – no matter who succeeds him