1. What a lush Congressman might be told at 1 a.m. on Sunday night: 2 wds.
5. Segment of “Coast to Coast AM”, e.g.
9. Regulation of Catholic or Protestant (or, oddly, Jewish) religious law
10. Resembling “Arab Spring” revolutions in Egypt or Tunisia
11. Komen’s funding move against Planned Parenthood (which it abandoned immediately when pressured)
12. What some of the Joint Chiefs would like to femininize?
14. Watchword found on T-shirts in the WND superstore: 4 wds.
17. On a technicality, what it’s (probably) felonious to do on the way while legally transporting guns over illegal areas: 2 wds.
19. Get the upper hand on (as Fidelity Investments did to Warren Buffett)
22. “The year’s most ___ stories” (WND’s “Operation Spike” top-10 list)
23. His last words on stage were “Sic semper tyrannis” (“Thus always to tyrants”)
24. Necessity for crosswords or bugbear for hermits
25. Went out to play, perhaps (and let Obama make controversial interim appointments)
1. Lead-pipe certainty, such as a “fixed” election
2. Medical event that might imaginably trigger investigation into use of tanning lightbulbs (as criminalized in California)
3. Country in the top-10 list for highest population of Christians, for short
4. Watchword found on bumper stickers in the WND superstore: 4 wds.
6. Reported singing repertoire of Captain, a 25-year-old parrot recently lost in Brooklyn
7. Participated in the Constitution, thus asserting states’ rights in ensuring the federal government obeys it
8. Balancing on the brink, as Santorum prior to a three-state sweep
13. Expressing as a resolution without making a real law
15. Rugged Toyota model built with 80% American parts, according to
16. Second half of the welfare-warfare state
18. Social Security, the Federal Reserve, ObamaCare or another wealth redistribution, colloquially
20. Where values originate, in the kitchen?
21. Was this African country really implicated in 2000 vote fraud?

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Obama plans to make his 'fundamental transformation' irreversible – no matter who succeeds him