1. Chaplain of the Continental Congress and preacher of independence: 2 wds.
9. Certain radical believer in popular revolution against dictators and exploitation?
10. Type of center Chuck Norris recommends for enjoying water aerobics
11. The kind of harsh treatment young David received from King Saul?
12. Purging from one’s psyche (racism, for instance): 2 wds.
13. Heavily Muslim city on the Strait of Gibraltar where church planters are threatened
14. Oil-rich exclave of Angola where factions claim independence
16. Intense sensation of fear, uncertainty and doubt
19. Aaron Klein bailiwick whose name actually means “Spring Hill”: 2 wds.
21. Devastated and thoroughly destroyed, as one’s future: 3 wds.
23. Came up with, or went out with: 2 wds.
24. Following Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin for critical developments around the globe, e.g.: 2 wds.
25. So as to utterly remove all sense of orientation
26. Delegate who sponsored not only independence but also prayer and fasting: 3 wds.
1. Friend of Tom Paine who militated against taxation without representation: 3 wds.
2. Adolf’s deputy, who punished animal cruelty by threatening to send offenders to concentration camps
3. Best place to measure one’s susceptibility to overdoing it
4. De facto, as Barack Obama’s occupation of the U.S. presidency
5. What Constitution destroyers find in clauses like “general welfare” and “necessary and proper”
6. Short name for the home of Prince Alwaleed, part owner of Fox News
7. Shape of the long-abandoned pink monkey house in Dayton, Ohio, dutifully upkept by taxpayer funding
8. President of Delaware who signed the Articles of Confederation: 3 wds.
15. Political leader who required inspired assistance to read the handwriting on the wall
17. Doing the same activity over and over and expecting different results
18. Suffering critically impaired judgment
19. A point of no return in human relations: 2 wds.
20. Virulent vituperation
22. Early acronym that has assisted treasure-seeking divers for over 60 years

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Obama plans to make his 'fundamental transformation' irreversible – no matter who succeeds him