Evangelist and Christian author Ray Comfort, whose new book “Hitler, God, and the Bible” and its accompanying movie  “180” are energizing pro-life activists across the nation with a simple, truthful approach to the issue, has left prominent celebrity psychologist Carole Lieberman tongue-tied.

Those who have seen the movie or read the book know that it’s a straightforward argument against abortion, comparing the mindless determination that Jews, gypsies and homosexuals in World War II were less than human and could be exterminated to contemporary America’s determination that the unborn are less than human, providing a constant stream of death to feed the abortion industry.

Lieberman, who apparently had not been fully briefed on the project by her staff, launched into a discussion only to find out that abortion (she’s all in favor) and evolution (she believes in it fully) were being undermined.

“I don’t want to talk about Darwin. I don’t want to talk about abortion,” she exclaimed at one point. “This is not what was …”

“It’s what the book’s about,” Comfort explained to her. “Did you read the book?”

“You have a publicist. I received his press release,” she said.

Comfort asked for the name of his book on which the program was focusing. She responded, “Adolf Hitler, God and the Bible.”

Then, “I should be able to talk about God and the Bible,” Comfort said.

Comfort explained that as part of his book project he interviewed university students on video, finding out that many of them were unaware of Hitler’s extremism and evil.

He explained when he started asking them specific questions, he was able to convince them to take another view of abortion in America. He asked if the students, at the point of a Nazi gun, would use a bulldozer to shovel Jews into a burial pit even if they were alive.

Most said they would refuse.

He then asked a correlating question about abortion: Did they think it’s a baby in the womb, and just when is it all right to kill that baby.

The result was a sensational 30-minute documentary, “180,” which has been viewed online some 2.4 million times and has had hundreds of thousands more sold.

“This is not good. This is not what I thought we were going to talk about,” a surprised Lieberman said.

“You’re censoring me,” said Comfort.

Then the evangelist, who is co-host with actor Kirk Cameron of the popular TV series “The Way of the Master”, started pressing Lieberman for answers to the questions he previously asked the students on the video.

“Do you think it’s a baby in the womb?”

Lieberman said, “At a certain point … it isn’t at the beginning.”

“What point does it become a baby?”

“Well, uh, uh, you know…. I, uh, uh, I, I can’t remember right now. Like five weeks … or some … there’s some point,” she responded.

“You really… I really don’t think we should go into the abortion issue. … I think it is a woman’s choice,” she stated.

“I want to find out why you think that,” Comfort responded, noting it’s good to have discussions on areas of disagreement.

“I watched the trailer for that movie … I didn’t know the movie was online. The movie has you asking who was Adolf Hitler. I had no clue that it has anything to do with abortion,” Lieberman said.

When Comfort explained that many minds have been changed by additional, accurate information, she stated, “I have enough information. You’re not going to change my mind.”

The evangelist explained how Hitler was a great fan of Charles Darwin, who spoke of the survival of the fittest, and Hitler echoed such beliefs. He said it’s likely that Hitler actually determined to kill off segments of society because he would benefit financially by confiscating homes, bank accounts, art work and other valuable resources.

But it wasn’t long before Comfort was able to turn the conversation back to the focus on his book: that evil can be overcome by the grace of an all-powerful God.

“You think you’ve told how many lies?” he asked.

Lieberman wouldn’t quantify an answer.

“Ever stolen something?”

“I’m not going to [go there],” she said.

“Used God’s name in vain?”


“Looked with lust?”

“As much as possible.”

So, Comfort said, Lieberman is a lying, stealing, blaspheming, lusting woman, and God’s standard for morality is “perfection.” Thus, the need for a redemptive savior.

Lieberman launched then into a long story about a recent movie she’d seen, explaining, “The reason I’m bringing it up is I want to talk about anything except abortion.”

Lieberman’s biography touts her “multi-dimensional career as an internationally renowned ‘Media Psychiatrist'” who is on radio, television and the Internet, in film and print.

“Dr. Carole’s insights help people seize the moment to live happier, more fulfilling lives.”

She’s a three-time Emmy award-winner and has appeared on “Oprah,” “Larry King Live,” “Entertainment Tonight,” CNN, Fox News and others.

She has written “Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them,” as well as “Coping with Terrorism: Dreams Interrupted.”

“Maintaining a star-studded practice in Beverly Hills, Dr. Lieberman is well known as a psychiatric expert witness who testifies in high profile trials, and analyzes trials in the media. Psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals hold Dr. Lieberman in highest esteem, recognizing her as a famous psychiatrist who deserves to be called the Dr. Freud of modern times,” her publicity explains.

Comfort argues simply that the destruction of a fetus at conception is the destruction of a life.

“If we understand that, we can see that more than 50 million Americans have had their lives destroyed because of legislation that says abortion is OK in America,” Comfort said.

The book is the first of a series of titles about cultural and political icons. The next, scheduled for later this year, is called “The Beatles, God and the Bible.”

On Facebook, Comfort fans were amazed:

“WOW! What a profound interview and what an amazing job Ray did in responding to her attempts to digress away very relevant aspects of both his book and the condition of the soul.”

“She’s pretty flustered…”

“Even shrinks can be clueless without Christ.”

“I love it when psychiatrists show that they are clueless about the realities of life, especially denying our sin nature. Good job Ray! We’ll pray the Holy Spirit convicts Dr. Carole’s heart and grants her repentance and faith in Jesus Christ!”

“The book and movie got plugged, but most importantly the Gospel was preached. Praise the Lord!!!!!”

“By the 30 minute mark you could tell she was near panic! Thanks Ray for your poise!”

“This was awesome!!!!”

“That woman needs a psychiatrist of her own!!!”

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