[To Joseph Farah:] You have an excellent news site in many ways … except for your failure to truly read the Old Testament correctly [“Modern Israel: Greatest miracle ever?”].

You are entitled to your religious views, but when you castigate the rest of us Bible believers and Christians as practically heretics because we do NOT accept your distorted and fraudulent views of Bible prophecy, it’s a bit hard to swallow. Your editorial today is a case in point.

Because of little time and the fact you probably will not read much, if any, of this, I will not elaborate. There is not a one-sentence error. The errors extend from beginning to end.

As a born-again Christian, I see the “nation” of modern-day Israel as a usurper based upon false theology, and guilty of genocide as bad, if not worse, than Hitler used in World War II and the U.S. has been using in the Middle East.

There is no miracle. Just a demonstration of what can be done by fools with unlimited financial resources.


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