[To Joseph Farah:] I simply don’t understand how you can face up to all of this every day and keep on smiling.

In fact, other than when thinking deeply, I don’t remember seeing you on anything without at least one smile, regardless of the venom being spit at you.

Thanks to you and WND, I have a much better understanding of what is going on, and I treasure your honesty and integrity.

I know you are a man of faith – and trust me, I know faith can keep you upright when you should be on the ground.

You just keep the faith and keep on fighting!

You are the proverbial round peg in the round hole that is our need for straightforward news. However, you are also the square peg in the round holes that make up the so-called mainstream media.

They simply cannot stand the fact that they cannot control what you are saying, that you have escaped from their web.

God bless and keep you.


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