Dear Mr. Buchanan:

I’m steamed … and annoyed … and sad for you. What you’ve had to endure at the hands of these people. I read your piece here at WND and decided to dash off this email, hoping to encourage you in your fight against the injustice of what has happened to you recently.

But the larger problem of why you were let go from MSNBC is weighing so very heavily on me … I’m afraid I don’t feel too encouraged, myself!

I guess you are among so many throughout history who have had to bear witness to God’s truth, because of a properly defined and guided conscience, and have suffered the penalty. And those who have the power right now to inflict that penalty are, as our God so clearly says in His Word, calling “evil good and good evil” and putting “darkness for light and light for darkness.” (Isaiah 5)

May our Lord bless you with the strength and optimism you need daily to continue this fight for the truth, and may you live to see a turning point in all this madness.

Brenda Haglin

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