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Finally, the truth about 'Atomic Iran'

WASHINGTON – Some reporters are just ahead of their time.

That is surely the case with WND senior staff writer Jerome Corsi, a two-time No. 1 New York Times best-selling author, who penned, in 2006, “Atomic Iran,” a book that exposed, for the first time, the ugly truth about the imminent nuclear threat to America and Israel from the Persian Gulf.

Now that the whole world is recognizing the threat posed by Iran, WND Books is making the groundbreaking book available to the public, again, at steep discounts.

Additionally, this book uniquely exposes the U.S. politicians who made a nuclear Iran possible.

Uncovered is a web of pro-Iranian financiers who make significant campaign contributions to political leaders who affect U.S. trade policy towards Iran and are able to work at normalizing diplomatic relations, thereby legitimizing the rogue republic. This poses an immediate security threat to the United States. It allows the regime to take advantage of relaxations in the Patriot Act to begin importing terrorists under the disguise of diplomatic personnel.

This part of the story is still largely unknown to the American people.

For those who want more, or prefer watching the story unfold before your eyes, there’s the documentary DVD “Atomic Jihad.”

This DVD brings the story up to date – introducing the politics of Barack Obama into the equation.

“Atomic Jihad,” released in 2010, leaves little doubt that Iran is in the final stages of preparing a Coming War for Islamic Revival. Meanwhile, by seeking to appease Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with “change” in U.S. Middle East policy, Obama is ushering in the politics of defeat for America. If successful in its nuclear program, Iran and its allies will finally possess the means to achieve their ultimate goals – the defeat of America and the return of Islam to past glory.

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You can buy the DVD documentary “Atomic Jihad” for just $12.99

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