In 1964 and 1969, my American-born wife gave birth to our sons. At the time I was a legal resident from Holland but had not yet obtained U.S. citizenship. I obtained birth certificates and also passports so our children could travel abroad with us.

I was informed then at Immigration that I may have two future senators, but the boys would not ever be able to become president because they had a “foreign born” father. It was stated in a friendly manner because it was noted how they would automatically be American citizens, and in response we were made aware of the exclusion caveat.

There was never any doubt that these American sons of mine would not be eligible for the U.S. presidency, and this was furthermore widely known among people I knew.

Ergo: This principle of defining the character of being a “natural born” citizen is common knowledge.

It appears that my civil rights are violated when the states allows an ineligible poseur to be placed on the presidential ballot, thus denying me the ability and constitutional right to vote for a legitimate “natural born” American candidate of my choice who has been crowded off the list by an ineligible poseur with a documented foreign father.

Not only is Obama an ineligible poseur, his illegal presidency constitutes a violation of voting rights of all American citizens. One of our voting rights is that authorities guarantee and certify that the persons on the ballot for U.S. president are “natural born” citizens.

I thank WND for consistent reporting on this extremely important provision in our U.S. Constitution.

John A.W. Aalders Sr.

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