God is not judging America or any other country about what that country is or is not doing.

When Jesus died on the cross, He died to overcome what Adam did. Everyone in the world will be judged for their own sin. God is not a respecter of man. Every man will stand or fall on their own before God.

He is judging the world, not just one country. Everybody dies. Go to any cemetery for proof. Everyone has their own idea of what God is doing. They seem not to think that they will die also. God has a plan for the world; part of that plan is to destroy this world and create a new one. It doesn’t matter if we believe it or not. Someday we will all die and find out the truth. If there is eternal life we will find out. If there is no eternal life, we will find that out also.

Everybody thinks about life according to their culture. Everyone can think what they will, but in the end God has the last word. wether you like it or not.

Robert Marshall

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